I’m baffled. The more info that comes out about the Aurora shooting, the more unanswered questions surface. There seems to be a lot that we’re not being told. Why were the bloody foot prints attributed to a female with a neck wound without even checking her first? Upon further inspection, the wound was determined to be minor and didn’t even require a dressing. They still insist it’s her blood. The second gas mask, at the end of the bloody footprint trail, has yet to be explained. Why was the Chief of Police so quick and adamant that there was only one shooter? How could he be so sure, and be so sure so quickly? The failure of police to investigate the trail, the neck wound (or lack thereof) and the second mask is just fueling speculation. There are witnesses who conflict police reports on how Holmes gained entry. And the whole story of the Psychiatry professor and the package(s) from Holmes is so completely absurd that it’s hard to comprehend. I don’t know what’s going on there. Shabby police work? A cover up of police mistakes? Someone covering their hind end? Or, is something more sinister at play? All this at a time when people couldn’t be more skeptical. We’ve got a U.S. Attorney General who seemingly perjured himself before Congress (worst case) or being totally inept (best case) about an illegal BATFE gun smuggling operation that facilitated the murders of over 300 Mexican citizens and one U.S. border patrol officer. If the government would ‘plant’ weapons in Mexico, knowing that they would likely be used by the cartels to commit crimes…..all done under the alleged premise of making the “political climate” more conducive for gun control measures, what makes us think that it’s completely out of the question that Aurora was “staged”? None of the pieces of evidence are airtight, but when you have dozens of clues that differ from police statements, and many pieces of circumstantial evidence that doesn’t fit, the people must demand that law enforcement at least look at all the evidence. I smell a rat, and it’s not Mickey Mouse in a Disney flick.


Barb Heki, a former Iowa campaign worker for U.S. Rep Michele Bachmann’s presidential bid has filed suit in Polk county district court. The papers were filed Monday. Also named in the suit is Kent Sorenson, Bachmann’s Iowa campaign chairman.

Heki, of Johnston, coordinated home school supporters. She was removed from state and national home school advocacy boards after an email went out to the Iowa Network of Christian Homeschoolers. Heki alleges the email list was swiped from her computer by Sorenson, whom she alleges, sent an email to reach homeschoolers before the primary. Heki says that lead to her dismissal from the advocacy boards.

As of now, damages have yet to be described.

Rep Bachmann withdrew from the race January 4th.

Bachmann and Sorenson have yet to comment on the lawsuit.

by John Hoppy Hopkins on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 10:14pm ·

Barack Obama is the President with lies to numerous to count. We were told no family making under $250K would pay higher taxes. Wrong. ObamaCare is a tax. A big one. The SCOTUS says so, and Obama’s lawyers argued as much in front of the court. All this after telling us it was not a tax. We were told it would be bipartisan in nature. The Republicans had ZERO input. Obama told us there would be open and public debate. Hearings would be aired on C-SPAN. We didn’t see a thing. And furthermore, most of the ‘dealing’ was done by back-room politics where Congressman and Senators were bribed and threatened to get their vote.

At this stage of the game, I think it’s safe to assume that everything the POTUS tells us is a lie. We should expect better, but will not get it. All this from a man who surrounds himself with corrupt Chicago democratic machinery and tax cheats. And when you’ve got a gun smuggling, perjuring, lying, demagogue as Attorney General, you’ll never see any justice from the Justice Department. The former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, told us ‘we have to pass it (healthcare bill) to see what’s in it”. Well, take a good long look folks, it’s a government mandated ‘purchase’ and a HUGE tax increase on the middle class. Tyranny is alive and well in America, folks. At least King George III wasn’t in our country. Our current tyrant-dous-jour is running it.

by John Hoppy Hopkins on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 10:38pm ·

The Justice Department has announced that Eric Holder’s contempt citation is going to be ignored. No hearing, no grand jury, no investigation. No crime? If there is no crime, what on Earth could the administration possibly be hiding? It now seems obvious that Holder ‘mislead’ Congress. Or more practically speaking, he LIED. Lying before Congress or a court is perjury. Perjury is a felony punishable by fine and imprisonment. The system gets a little complicated when the head of the Justice Department, and the head of the entire Executive branch, are either the perpetrator or the one covering it up, or both. If Holder is free of blame in this matter, he should be proceeding with utmost haste to provide anything and everything possible to exonerate himself. Yes, he is innocent until proven guilty. But why leave doubt flapping in the wind? Come clean, Mr. Holder. And if you cannot, please spare the nation and step aside. I’m wondering where all the people who cried “Bush lied!” are these days? This administration has put forth such an atmosphere of untruthfulness, we should not be shocked. Let’s switch gears to health care. Obama promised us during his campaign that his administration would be the most transparent ever. The health care debate was to be bi-partisan. We were to see open hearings, broadcast live on C-SPAN. None of this transpired. In fact we got the opposite. Republicans completely shut out of the process. We were told by then-speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, that we ‘have to pass it, to see what’s in it’. We had Senators bribed and/or threatened if they didn’t vote the Administration’s way. Is this the ‘hope and change’ we were promised? Obama and Co. have proven to be no less than perjurers and pathological liars. What did we expect from Chicago-land politicos, from America’s political armpit? The same city that gave us the Daley-gangsters, George Ryan, Rod Blagojovich, et al? Al Capone fit right in! Eric Holder hails from the Bronx, but it didn’t take him long to fall into Chicago style government. This administration is as transparent as mud, and everyone seems to be dirty.

by John Hoppy Hopkins on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 11:39am ·

This week, we saw a dark day for freedom in America. The Supreme Court ruling that upheld ObamaCare is just another factor in the erosion of our liberty as a nation. We have gradually allowed our freedoms to be torn away from us by both parties since the presidency of FDR, and the fallacy of his ‘saving us’ in the Great Depression. I suppose this day isn’t as dark as the day that Barack Hussein Obama was elected to the office he holds in an election which was most likely under false pretenses. Never in the course of our county’s history, has one man done so much as President to destroy the Constitution, seize our freedom, and obliterate America as we know it. We have an administration that openly refuses to enforce the law, and abide by their oaths of office. And our Congress has become so removed from the populace that they are almost completely unresponsive to the citizens they are sworn to serve. I could rant for dozens of paragraphs about this “worst of the worst” of American Presidents, but in reality, the answer to our problems is a simple thing.The solution to our peril lies right before us. The answer is this November. WE can retake our country, re-establish our freedom, and restore our honor by sending Obama back to Chicago. This is not the only answer. In addition, we must only vote legislators who swear to repeal ObamaCare. Our country, economy, freedom and future are at stake. It’s time for Americans to ‘man up’ and vote this fool out of the Oval Office. Control over our own health is hanging in on the edge of annihilation. WE are in danger of losing one of our most cherished liberties. This fall, go to the polls. Go to the polls and vote with a vengeance. Take America back.

by John Hoppy Hopkins on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 at 10:02pm ·

Governor Romney was not my first choice. He wasn’t even 2nd, and I can think of several others whom I’d prefer. But he’s won it. It’s all over except for the fat lady singing….and she’s warming up! So, here we are with a simple, yet world altering, decision to make for ourselves and our country.

Although Romney has been derided for not being conservative enough, the differences between he and Obama are stark. The men couldn’t be much more different. Romney, a devout Mormon, lives his life very much according to his church’s doctrine. Whether you like Mormonism or not, he seems to be a faithful husband, and a loving, caring father. The Obama’s seem to be good parents as well, it’s just that we can’t put a finger on Barack’s faith. As a child, he was obviously raised in a Muslim home. Then, in adulthood, he attended a church who’s pastor spewed racism, hate, and disdain for all white people and country as a whole. Obama called Rev Wright his ‘mentor’, but he says he can’t recall, or never heard any such vitriol laced sermons. Rev Wright says Obama heard them often and could not have ‘missed it’ in the 20 years he attended the church,

One thing we have with Romney is a man who’s actually accomplished something. He ran and built a very successful company, and through hard work, perseverance, common sense, and honesty, he accumulated incredible wealth. He saved the Utah winter Olympics from failure. He served as a Governor, and was quite active, signing and vetoing record numbers of legislation. He has a mind for business, and he knows how government works. He surrounds himself with knowledgeable, competent experts from whom he draws counsel to hone his policies. He understands that burdensome business taxes and regulation have driven jobs to China. He understands that the economy cannot withstand ObamaCare. He knows there cannot be health care reform without lawsuit reform. He prefers to shrink government at the federal level and let the states manage more social programs.

Barack Obama is a different story. He believes HE know best for everyone, and even if you don’t like it, he cares not. He’ll force his policies down the collective throat of the populace. He completely ignores the Constitution, has no use for the Bill of Rights, and thinks it’s quite trendy to deride the courts with subtle threats that they dare not override his law. The man is a mystery. We haven’t seen his original birth certificate, his college records, and much more. He said he was a law professor..and he wasn’t. He was not even an assistant professor. He was just an ‘instructor’. He claims as experience he was a ‘community organizer’. It other words, he didn’t work. How did he pay for his education? Or should we ask: WHO paid for it? He had a short, lackluster career as an IL state senator, and an even less eventful tenure in the U.S. Senate (he was busy running for POTUS). So, we’ve got a president who won’t divulge who he is, where he’s from, how he afforded an education. He has been cozy with domestic terrorists, criminals, and communists. He edited the “Harvard Law Journal’, although no writings can be found penned by him. And look who he surrounds himself with? This is most disturbing. The old Chicago machine. The epitome of corruption, there’s no place like Chicago. An overwhelming number of his staffers and advisors are of the aforementioned vile political fold. Remember, Obama PROMISED US a by-partisan, open door healthcare bill. It would be televised on C-SPAN. Instead,we got no televised hearings, Republicans shut completely out, and behind the door bribes for votes.

I think it’s time to ask this man who’s accomplished so little that’s good who he really is. He’s planning trillions and trillions more debt for our country with not a modicum of and idea as to how to pay it back.

Romney wasn’t my first choice, but now common sense dictates that he’s the ONLY choice.

by John Hoppy Hopkins on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 at 6:37pm ·

Everyone is entitled to courtesy and general fairness. No one should be harassed or threatened for no reason, or because of who they are. But respect isn’t something that is given to you. It’s earned. It’s gained and lost through good and bad deeds, and good and bad decisions. This may come as a culture shock to teenagers and young 20-somethings, but NO ONE owes you dip squat. Before you ever get and ounce of respect, you should have pre-paid with a pound of respect. Sorry, that just the way it is. No one owes you special treatment. And you’ll get respect without ever having asked for it. Do something.