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by John Hoppy Hopkins on Monday, August 13, 2012 at 10:15pm ยท

Recently, an acquaintance queried me about my adamant opposition to ObamaCare. She stated that she found it odd, with me having Parkinson’s disease, that I would oppose a program that could potentially benefit me in the future. Although I will delve into it more later, my reply was simple, and it just makes perfect sense to me. ObamaCare is bad for the country. That sums it up and puts it in a nutshell. Not that I think it will benefit me. To the contrary, I believe it will be the worst possible event in my therapy. But, even if I did stand to benefit, my support would still be absent. As a patriot, how can promote what I feel may be good for me, all the while knowing in my heart that it’s bad for the nation? I love this country, and I love the Constitution. I’m going to expound on why I think ObamaCare is very bad policy.

It was passed on false pretenses. Obama promised us a ‘transparent administration’, with all debates and hearings to be broadcast in C-SPAN , in a ‘bi-partisan effort’. The exact opposite took place. It was all done behind closed doors, with no Republican input whatsoever. Locked out. Then, Democrat Senators and Congressmen were bribed, threatened or bullied into supporting the bill. We were told by Speaker Pelosi, “We have to pass the bill to see what’s in it”. If there ever was an absolutely ignorant, asinine, and downright stupid political statement made, that one takes the Gold Medal! Obama and the Democratic Congress lied about the bill before, during, and after it’s passing. Why not read the bill before we pass it?

The costs. No one actually knows. Already, the CBO is saying it’s going to be much more pricey than they originally estimated. And their prior assessment was $100’s of Billions more than Obama’s minions have claimed. There is no way to know, but we know this: It’s going to cost a bundle!

Mandatory. The government is now in the business of forcing everyone to buy insurance. What’s next? It’s a good idea for all to have it, but so are other things that would be good to have, but we can’t go down the slope of FORCING citizens to buy something if we’re going to live in a truly free country.

Health care will be rationed. It is rationed in every country that has socialized medicine. Loss of choice, of Doctors and method of care, will certainly be commonplace. Thrusting 37 million people into a system who don’t pay anything for it, will instantly overwhelm the system. All this with no plan for more facilities, doctors, nurses, therapists, et al.

No tort reform. With a trial lawyer on every street corner, the malpractice business has to be reformed. Healthcare reform with no tort reform is like drilling cavities and not putting in fillings. The Democrats missed a golden opportunity to really cut costs, and of course they opted for the trial lawyers campaign coffers.

Unconstitutional. Regardless of what John Roberts says, the government has no business mandating purchases. Period.

There are countless other examples of bad policy in the bill. There is very little good in it that isn’t offset by the bad a hundred-fold. It doesn’t need an overhaul, it needs repealing.

The day may come when I’m in an insurance quandary. I may eventually be on disability. Democratic policies may put more money in my pocket, but destroy the nation I love. That’s a price I am not willing to pay. It’s not about what’s best for me alone, it’s about preserving the Republic. I will not vote like a whore. I will vote like a Patriot.


I’m baffled. The more info that comes out about the Aurora shooting, the more unanswered questions surface. There seems to be a lot that we’re not being told. Why were the bloody foot prints attributed to a female with a neck wound without even checking her first? Upon further inspection, the wound was determined to be minor and didn’t even require a dressing. They still insist it’s her blood. The second gas mask, at the end of the bloody footprint trail, has yet to be explained. Why was the Chief of Police so quick and adamant that there was only one shooter? How could he be so sure, and be so sure so quickly? The failure of police to investigate the trail, the neck wound (or lack thereof) and the second mask is just fueling speculation. There are witnesses who conflict police reports on how Holmes gained entry. And the whole story of the Psychiatry professor and the package(s) from Holmes is so completely absurd that it’s hard to comprehend. I don’t know what’s going on there. Shabby police work? A cover up of police mistakes? Someone covering their hind end? Or, is something more sinister at play? All this at a time when people couldn’t be more skeptical. We’ve got a U.S. Attorney General who seemingly perjured himself before Congress (worst case) or being totally inept (best case) about an illegal BATFE gun smuggling operation that facilitated the murders of over 300 Mexican citizens and one U.S. border patrol officer. If the government would ‘plant’ weapons in Mexico, knowing that they would likely be used by the cartels to commit crimes…..all done under the alleged premise of making the “political climate” more conducive for gun control measures, what makes us think that it’s completely out of the question that Aurora was “staged”? None of the pieces of evidence are airtight, but when you have dozens of clues that differ from police statements, and many pieces of circumstantial evidence that doesn’t fit, the people must demand that law enforcement at least look at all the evidence. I smell a rat, and it’s not Mickey Mouse in a Disney flick.