There’s nothing that moves one like a Texas sunrise, unless it’s a Texas sunset.   Hope ya’ll like my header photo. I took it myself.   It’s dawn in America.  Time to start a new day; a new chapter, if  you will!  Get up, pull your boots on, and give the political correct crowd a square kick.  I’m not here to inflate egos or praise the unworthy.  I may rant about politics, then post a recipe.  If you’re afraid of the unpredictable, this isn’t your place.  My facts are straight, my cuisine is world class, my humor is off color, sometimes crass, and even morbid at times (but I’m an equal opportunity cheap shot artist).  Say what you like here.  Just don’t make threats.  If I don’t like what you post, I may choose to delete it.  If that pisses you off, tough luck.  This is my damned blog.  If you’re unhappy, get your own.  My intention is to talk about anything and everything.  C’est la vie…..Les bonne tempe roullette!