The term “broken federal government” has almost become a hackneyed cliche`.    It has also become  the understatement of the century.   In actuality, government is not just “broken”, it is that the work that the government really does do often harms more than it helps.  I am and ardent Constitutionalist.  I believe in running things by the book.  Constant constitutional re-interpretation is patriotic blasphemy.   Adherence to the Constitution is why I have opposed term limits.  Let the people be free to vote in whomever they want, as long as they want.  If they’re doing well, they’ll get another shot at office.  If they screw up, the voters will fire them.  This is no longer the case.  The people, like so many of the politicians who represent them, have shown that they can be bought and paid for.  “Give me some free stuff” has become the rallying cry of  not just the poor, but the whole population across the board.  The preamble to the Constitution says the government should “….promote the general welfare…” not provide the general welfare.   We’ve never had so many folks on the government take.  This dilutes what is available to the truly needy.  Also, this “entitlements for votes” scheme  has lead to  inept, corrupt, incompetent, crooked, unethical and downright stupid office holders getting re-elected time and time again (Maxine Waters D-CA, and Shelia Jackson-Lee D-TX immediately come to mind).  If they fork over enough entitlements, and aptly spread it around, they’re a shoe-in for another term.  It’s a sad day when the folks can no longer be trusted to vote for the person who will do what is best for the county, but vote in the person who forks over enough “stuff”  to them.  The American voter now selects their office holders by voting like a prostitute.   Voting like whores. And the politicians run like pimps.  My old line of thinking is that we needed some experienced and seasoned representation to keep things smooth.   I no longer feel this way.  Just look what an “experienced” Congress has brought us.   What we need is LIFE experience, not political longevity.  Just look what happened by voting in a President with so little experience in life and business and what this has brought us!  The time has come NOT to  ”fundamentally change America”.  The time is here to reinstate the  fundamentals of American government as intended by our founders.   Neither party can be entrusted with the mantle.  The country needs sweeping reform, not fundamental change.  We need to return to the days of citizen legislators, who serve and then return home.   We do not need a “full time” Congress.  Mark Twain was quoted, “No one’s Life, Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness is without peril while the Congress is in session”.  I think that’s one of his more poignant quotes, and he has been noted for many!  Texas stage legislators meet every other year.  What a practical concept!  The time has come for government to be held accountable.  Constitutional Amendments are in order.  The terms of all Federally elected officials should be strictly limited.  The POTUS should have one, five year term. The POTUS would not be bothered with yearnings of  re-election.  He or she would either do what they thought was right, regardless of the political consequences, or do nothing but play golf.  Either way, the people would benefit.  Congressional representatives should have four year terms (so they’re not always running for re-election) and be held to 3 terms.  Senators should be held to two, six year terms, and NO one should run for re-election after having, at the end of their term, served 16 years.  Additionally, Congress should pass budgets within the scope of the GDP (percentage to be determined by a bi-partisan, non-elected panel).  Balanced budgets would be required, and any deficit must pass 2/3 of Congress and the President.  None of whom would then be paid a salary until a balanced budget is passed and the debt repaid.   Congress should be forbidden from exempting themselves or any other government entity from any law they pass.  All contingencies on states for Federal funds would end.  If a state is entitled to the funds, they should not be extorted into compliance to get it.  The executive branch should be drastically cut and agencies and departments consolidated.  And now for what I am sure will be a shocking revelation!   I want a LARGER CONGRESS!  The average Congressman now represents nearly a million people.  That is a far cry from a few thousand they worked for in the beginning of our Republic.  Congress-persons are simply too far removed from the folks. And states like Montana, with one, at-large representative, have a geographical quandary, and cannot reach everyone they serve.  So, I suggest, as of the last census, districts should be reduced to 600,000 people.  The subsequent count, taken in ten years, should reduce districts to 400,000 people.  This would make Congress more ”local” , and thus more voter responsive.  I truly believe these principles would drastically improve the function of government, but I truly doubt we’ll see the day.  The people have been paid for.