Historians talk about the great elections of the past.  When men with differences that were vastly apart met on the national stage to compete to steer the course of history for our county.  Jefferson v. Adams, Jackson v Adams, Lincoln v Douglas, Cleveland v Blaine, Hoover v Smith, and more recently Kennedy v Nixon, (LBJ not running for a 2nd term) Reagan v Carter….and now Barack Hussein Obama v Mitt Romney.

   In my lifetime, this is the election that stands out.  Even bigger than 1980.  There is so much at stake.  We have a sitting President, who passed the biggest tax increase in our nation’s history (Affordable Care Act) and had the treacherous insight to delay it’s imposition until after he’s re-elected, so as to hide it’s impact.  He bribed, threatened, and coerced legislators to pass it.  It is his lone accomplishment as POTUS.  Additionally, he’s skyrocketed the national debt by $1.25 trillion a year, pushing the country to the edge of a financial abyss.  He hasn’t let the healthcare fraud settle in as his best or biggest coverup.  The ‘Fast and Furious” gun smuggling sting was put into place to create a problem with gun smuggling that didn’t exist in an effort to impose more gun control.  Instituted with the normal Obama Administration level of ineptness, it blew up in his face, and one US Border Patrol agent and 100’s of Mexican nationals fell to their death by these guns.  Hence another coverup.  As if that wasn’t enough, he’s now in the process of covering up the deaths of a US Ambassador and  3 others in Libya.  He has lied about who knew, when they knew, what they knew, and what they did.  Short answer: They watched,via drone-cam, as the Ambassador was killed, and 2 former Navy Seals fought for hours to their own demise, while the administration denied repeated calls for assistance that was only an hour away.  There is no plausible answer for the President’s action (or inaction), except that he’s arrogant, inept, narcissistic, and evil. 

   The continued spewing of class warfare from the Oval Office has seriously divided a nation.  Obama thinks by taxing the wealthy into poverty, those in poverty will be raised up.  It just doesn’t work that way.  We can take all the money the rich have, and  it’s not enough to  offset this spend-a-holic president.  When George Bush ran $500,000billlion deficits (LESS THAT HALF WHAT WE HAVE NOW) Obama said it was “immoral” and “unpatriotic”.  What does he think he’s doing now?  He also told us that if he didn’t “seriously turn this thing around”, his presidency “would be a one term proposition”.  Well, Mr. Obama, I suppose this is another promise you won’t keep. 

   Barack Hussein Obama has given us NO reason to re-elect him.  He’s lied, deceived and covered up crimes that he and his administration have committed.  He distorts employment and economic numbers to favor his bidding.  The country has lost it’s credit rating, and stature in the world.  He bows to Muslim Kings,  plays 100’s of rounds of golf, and his wife spends millions of taxpayer funds jet-setting around the world on her numerous vacations.  All while the American people suffer.  With few exceptions, the liberal media has turned it’s head to Obama’s ineptitude and his crimes.  They are accomplices in this feigned Presidency.

   America is in trouble.  Bad trouble.  We’ve got a President who has poor judgement, no wisdom, no conscience, no business sense and a disingenuous demeanor that we haven’t seen in this office before.   I heard someone say that re-electing OBAMA would be like the Titanic backing up and hitting the iceberg again….trouble is, it’s a country we’re sinking,  and the Captain is not going down with the ship. He’ll likely blame the boats previous skipper anyway.

   Mitt Romney may not be right everything, but when you have a President who gets so little right. He’s the obvious choice. 

   In the future when we elect Presidents, I’d say it would be a good thing to know a little more about the person, BEFORE we elect them. It might be a good idea that they have actually accomplished something.


John Hoppy Hopkins