I’m baffled. The more info that comes out about the Aurora shooting, the more unanswered questions surface. There seems to be a lot that we’re not being told. Why were the bloody foot prints attributed to a female with a neck wound without even checking her first? Upon further inspection, the wound was determined to be minor and didn’t even require a dressing. They still insist it’s her blood. The second gas mask, at the end of the bloody footprint trail, has yet to be explained. Why was the Chief of Police so quick and adamant that there was only one shooter? How could he be so sure, and be so sure so quickly? The failure of police to investigate the trail, the neck wound (or lack thereof) and the second mask is just fueling speculation. There are witnesses who conflict police reports on how Holmes gained entry. And the whole story of the Psychiatry professor and the package(s) from Holmes is so completely absurd that it’s hard to comprehend. I don’t know what’s going on there. Shabby police work? A cover up of police mistakes? Someone covering their hind end? Or, is something more sinister at play? All this at a time when people couldn’t be more skeptical. We’ve got a U.S. Attorney General who seemingly perjured himself before Congress (worst case) or being totally inept (best case) about an illegal BATFE gun smuggling operation that facilitated the murders of over 300 Mexican citizens and one U.S. border patrol officer. If the government would ‘plant’ weapons in Mexico, knowing that they would likely be used by the cartels to commit crimes…..all done under the alleged premise of making the “political climate” more conducive for gun control measures, what makes us think that it’s completely out of the question that Aurora was “staged”? None of the pieces of evidence are airtight, but when you have dozens of clues that differ from police statements, and many pieces of circumstantial evidence that doesn’t fit, the people must demand that law enforcement at least look at all the evidence. I smell a rat, and it’s not Mickey Mouse in a Disney flick.