by John Hoppy Hopkins on Thursday, February 17, 2011 at 7:06pm ·

Where does America get it’s oil?

1. Canada

2. Mexico

3. Saudi Arabia

4. Venezuela

5. Nigeria

6. Angola

7. Iraq

8. Algeria

9. United Kingdom

10. Brazil

Only 2 MidEast countries in top ten. And the VAST majority comes from our neighbors. Why then do we have such interest in all these doings in the ME? Oil for Europe, Japan? Well, yes. But the world markets are so intertwined that ME events drive the world market. It’s not a “Lack” of oil we must fear by ME shutdown, it’s what the world market price could be driven to. We must immediately and simultaneously reduce our dependence by seeking alternatives to oil AND drill, drill, drill. It is such a simple concept. This is a national security issue, and we should not allow the big oil companies OR the “AlGores of the world” to set the policy.