by John Hoppy Hopkins on Saturday, January 16, 2010 at 8:23pm ·

Having gone through a terrible natural disaster myself (hurricane katrina) I truly feel for the poor people in Haiti. Most were suffering to start with. What we went through, although bad enough, was in no way as bad as what the Haitians are going through now.

As usual, the USA is coming through, open arms and open wallet. And we should. Our history is that of a generous, caring, charitable people. That’s why I’m so miffed that current US officials have gone around apologizing for our past ‘transgressions’. What about all the starving we’ve fed? The countries we’ve rebuilt? The USA has been much more of an instrument of good than bad.

How are other countries helping…

China- $5million
Russia- 1 mobile hospital and 30 doctors
Iran-30 tons of food, meds
Venezuela-1plane load

The USA $100million now, likely a billion $ before we’re done

oh, yeah, Saudi Arabia (one of the world’s wealthiest nations) NOTHING

Mr. Obama did the right thing for Haiti. Now, he just needs to do right by us. Don’t apologize for America’s generosity, Mr. Obama…remind them of all we’ve done that’s good.