by John Hoppy Hopkins on Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 9:34pm ·

I’ve been pondering my prior post. Should we have never gone into Afghanistan? Pursued Osama? I think that everyone agrees, we absolutely HAD to go after him. The taliban refused to accomodate, so they had to be removed. But removal didn’t solve it. Elimination will. Question is: Do we have the resolve to ‘eliminate’ the taliban? Kill them all, or kill so many they become insignificant? That’s quite a task, but may be the only solution…..until another Muslim extremist sect surfaces. If we just pull out and leave A’stan, will we be ok? I think not. Like it or not, unpleasant as it may be, we’re there. We HAD to go. Now, we must stay. The cost of leaving is just to high. But our committment seems to waiver and our resolve falters when things become tough. I think that stating ”the Russians couldn’t do it” is no excuse. The Russians can’t do a lot of things that we have done, and al quaeda didn’t bomb Moscow, they hit NYC. Vietnam? We didn’t win in Vietnam because we chose NOT to. We could have overwhelmed the VC, but we didn’t. We let them choose the what, when, and where’s of battle. We won every major engagement. Political posturing in D.C. lost Vietnam, not the military. Maybe Bush should have looked back and seen that. Obama still can. It will take resolve. And it may very well take those 40-70K troops. Maybe more. What are the viable alternatives? Failure in this case spells a gloom that we just didn’t have to worry about with Vietnam.