by John Hoppy Hopkins on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 at 10:14pm ·

Barack Obama is the President with lies to numerous to count. We were told no family making under $250K would pay higher taxes. Wrong. ObamaCare is a tax. A big one. The SCOTUS says so, and Obama’s lawyers argued as much in front of the court. All this after telling us it was not a tax. We were told it would be bipartisan in nature. The Republicans had ZERO input. Obama told us there would be open and public debate. Hearings would be aired on C-SPAN. We didn’t see a thing. And furthermore, most of the ‘dealing’ was done by back-room politics where Congressman and Senators were bribed and threatened to get their vote.

At this stage of the game, I think it’s safe to assume that everything the POTUS tells us is a lie. We should expect better, but will not get it. All this from a man who surrounds himself with corrupt Chicago democratic machinery and tax cheats. And when you’ve got a gun smuggling, perjuring, lying, demagogue as Attorney General, you’ll never see any justice from the Justice Department. The former Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, told us ‘we have to pass it (healthcare bill) to see what’s in it”. Well, take a good long look folks, it’s a government mandated ‘purchase’ and a HUGE tax increase on the middle class. Tyranny is alive and well in America, folks. At least King George III wasn’t in our country. Our current tyrant-dous-jour is running it.