by John Hoppy Hopkins on Saturday, June 30, 2012 at 11:39am ·

This week, we saw a dark day for freedom in America. The Supreme Court ruling that upheld ObamaCare is just another factor in the erosion of our liberty as a nation. We have gradually allowed our freedoms to be torn away from us by both parties since the presidency of FDR, and the fallacy of his ‘saving us’ in the Great Depression. I suppose this day isn’t as dark as the day that Barack Hussein Obama was elected to the office he holds in an election which was most likely under false pretenses. Never in the course of our county’s history, has one man done so much as President to destroy the Constitution, seize our freedom, and obliterate America as we know it. We have an administration that openly refuses to enforce the law, and abide by their oaths of office. And our Congress has become so removed from the populace that they are almost completely unresponsive to the citizens they are sworn to serve. I could rant for dozens of paragraphs about this “worst of the worst” of American Presidents, but in reality, the answer to our problems is a simple thing.The solution to our peril lies right before us. The answer is this November. WE can retake our country, re-establish our freedom, and restore our honor by sending Obama back to Chicago. This is not the only answer. In addition, we must only vote legislators who swear to repeal ObamaCare. Our country, economy, freedom and future are at stake. It’s time for Americans to ‘man up’ and vote this fool out of the Oval Office. Control over our own health is hanging in on the edge of annihilation. WE are in danger of losing one of our most cherished liberties. This fall, go to the polls. Go to the polls and vote with a vengeance. Take America back.